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Who are we?

We have a heart to see these young ladies heal and grow into who God has created them to be. We provide mentoring and supports to young women who have recently aged out of the foster care system up to age 25. The focus is on emotional and spiritual health and healing, goal- setting, finding essential services and supports and learning important life skills.


We meet weekly at local area churches where each young lady has individual time with a mentor at each meeting to discuss personal goals, questions and next steps. There is also community training that is helpful to all young ladies led by our volunteers and other experts in their fields- law, health, education, etc. Each meeting also includes a meal and time to fellowship together. Young women also have the opportunity to earn essential items including food, toiletries, school supplies, etc.

Our goal is to open a home where these young ladies can live and really thrive as they're able to focus on their future goals surrounded by supportive staff and wrapped in God's love. Give today to help make this dream a reality!

Lecture Hall Tutor

Are you a young woman who has aged out of foster care?

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What do we do?

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